COVID-19 Layoff: Day Two

Welp, the highlight of my day was my dog walking into a pole this morning! That’s saying a lot about how my day went!

In the morning my dog and I walk every morning after he wakes me up. At one point there was another dog on the other side of the YMCA driveway, my dog Drax, was walking but looking back. Me being a dumbass was looking at what he was looking at then, BAM I hear and saw the tail end of my dog walking into the pole. I couldn’t help but laugh! He looked at me and shook it off, literally. He’s fine, he has a very hard head.

I probably walked my dog 4 times today so he’s having a good day! Not much has happened today, I decided to deep clean part of my house and I’ll do the rest later on. The rest of the day was putting our puzzle together!

With day two the boredom has really set in. I definitely felt myself going stir crazy, which is hella sad because it’s DAY TWO!

Side note, my neighbour just dropped off homemade bread and it’s fucking delicious!

That’s all for now folks, tune in for more fun adventures!

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