COVID-19 Layoff: Day One

Did you know there’s a virus going around? The whole world is going crazy for toilet paper! I really don’t know why people did that but to each their own. I’m pretty much writing this because well, were apart of history now and I’m bored. So lets dig in.

As of today (March 19th, 2020) was my first “day off” from my work closing due to COVID-19. I wish I could work just so I could get paid but that wouldn’t be safe so I understand why everyone is closing, just dealing with applying for EI is insane!

Let me put this into perspective, I started my application at 1:15pm, it is now 5:20pm and I just finished the application. I gathered all the information I needed before to try to make this as painless as possible but that didn’t help really, no matter what I did this whole process was going to be a pain in the ass no matter what. So you start off the application process all scared and nervous because well shit you’re going on EI but by 4 hours later you’ve got this and you want it over with. Each page loads incredible slow because more than half the world is attemping to apply, at one point the page didn’t load so I refreshed (gasps) and it came back.

At around the two and half hour mark the site completely crashes and I can’t even get on it anymore. I took this as a sign to walk my dog and get some fresh air before I throw my laptop. I came back and tried again and thankfully was able to complete the process!

Other than going to Walmart to buy a puzzle, and walking my dog, this took up my whole day. Day one is officially a write-off. Now to make dinner and watch tv or read a book about how not to be broke (pfft).

Tune in for more exciting adventures.

Thanks for reading,


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