COVID-19 Layoff: Day Four

I don’t even know what to say? LOL the highlight of my day would have to be the chocolate dip I bought for my strawberries and me finishing my poop emjoi cross stitch! I don’t know what that says about me but you know!

I finished my cross stitch in the morning (after my dog let me sleep in, party!), I made a few mistakes but my amazing teacher told me it’s okay and you make it my own so I did! Not bad for my first time doing this ever! Now I’m working on another one that has words and it takes forever just to do one letter! It’ll keep me busy (we have another week of this bullshit minimum).

Poop emjoi with a heavy lean

Strawberries and chocolate dip, need I say more? I’m going to gain quarantine 15! Maybe I should incorporate a workout into this situation? Meh.

Welp, I went to four different stores to try to find active dry yeast only to come home with nothing. Once again my amazing neighbor saves the day and she had a packet. Neighbors are awesome, that’s all I gotta say! Bread to be made tomorrow most likely, so there’s THAT to look forward too!

Stayed turned for more adventures.

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