COVID-19 Layoff: Day Five

Today was a not so good day.

I woke up to snow (ew) then it rained a bit (double ew) and it’s day five.

The morning routine was normal (dog walks and all), had some chocolate chip banana pancakes for breakfast (can you tell that diet is going well?) then I did some online work. However, today was the day that I had to pick up my Record of Employment and trying to figure out what the fuck I do with this paper. I do not understand why the government of Canada makes apply for EI so fucking hard. I also don’t know why they dont teach any of this in schools!

Do you know what I (barely) learnt in school that I haven’t used since I left? “Find X in this equation”, “train A is going 50km/h and train B is going 5km/h, where will they meet?” NOT ONCE! I’m almost 29 years old and I don’t know how to do my taxes yet if we don’t do them we can get in big shit, but godforbid we don’t teach it in school. How does that make sense? But enough ranting about that for today.

Picking up my ROE just made me think about how broke I am and being a millennial, I was already screwed to begin with, and now starting over (yippy).

Enough negativity for today, as promised, pictures of the puzzle we’re working on….

Day one
Day Two. Feeling pretty good, got the corner in.
Day Three.
Day Four. Dave and I killing it this day.
Day Five. Today was a slow day.

That’s all folks, hopefully tomorrow is a better day. Tomorrow is bread day (dough is made but it needs to rise) so I’ll be even fatter!

Stay tuned for more adventures!

Thanks for reading,


One thought on “COVID-19 Layoff: Day Five

  1. Well, mama will teach you how to do your taxes❤️
    Can’t wait to hear about the bread
    Puzzle is coming along
    I like this daily thing💋

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