COVID-19 Layoff: Day Fifty-Eight

What a long day.

The weather today was not great, rained pretty much most of the day meaning my head hurt most of the day. Drax absolutely hates rain, this morning I took him out to pee and usually we go for a walk. It was raining so he peed but pulled me back to come inside. About a hour later he cried to go out again so I did thinking he may go on a walk because it was raining that hard but no, he noped the weather hard.

The rest of the day was a write off, Dave and Drax slept most of the day until it turn the weather turned nice. I spent my time organizing my Pinterest boards, that’s how bored I was. Then walked Drax and started to make dinner.

Have you ever watched Magic for Humans on Netflix? Go watch it and watch your mind be blown and you’ll laugh. That’s what Dave and I currently watching!

Thanks for reading,


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