April Favourites 2020!

41KP9nn65uL._AC_SX450_ Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Kitchen Tool Set

I love Joseph Joseph products, when I was younger I would start to collect all the things I wanted for when I moved out. Now that I have actually moved out I can use them. The absolute best part about these is they’re elevated, meaning they won’t rest on the counter and make a mess like other utensils do. Now this set comes with a carousel to store them, mine didn’t because it was so long ago but I’m now looking into just buying that part for it! Joseph Joseph products don’t melt/burn, they’re super easy to clean and they just look so damn cute. They do come in different colours so if you’re not into the multi-coloured look then there is options for you. In Canada you can get these at The Bay for $94.99.

6000200352052Kobo Libra H2O

If you are a book reader I know what you’re thinking, “I’d rather have the actual book.” I was the same way until my Mum got me my Kobo. I absolutely love this thing! Just to name off a couple features for this one before I start, waterproof, 8 GB storage, only weights 192g, weeks of battery life, WiFi connection, font changing, and light changing. Sounds too good to be true, I know. I got this at Christmas 2019 and have yet to charge it – that’s pretty good considering I fall asleep reading books. It’s just all around great and super light. It’s super easy to understand how to use it and because it connects to the WiFi you can buy books right off the store onto your Kobo (which by the way books are cheaper on the Kobo store than in a regular book store). It comes in black and white, and I suggest getting the case for it. This is perfect for a traveller because you don’t have to carry all your books and you can have it by the pool since it’s waterproof! You can get this at Chapters for $199.99

18WTBL7-GR_1Sleep Country Weighted Blanket

Everyone around my age wanted a Gravity Blanket for Christmas but they are expensive! Don’t get me wrong this one is money too but at least you don’t have to pay for the brand name and it’ll be easier to find. My Mum got me this blanket and I love it. It definitely helps you sleep, makes you feel calm and helped with all those crappy emotions. It just feels like a big hug or cuddle when you’re sleeping. This one comes in different colours, different sizes and different weights which that all depends on your body weight. Mine is just a little personal one, which is great because really only you are going to use it so you don’t need a giant one. It does get hot so in the summer months maybe only use it for a bit but in the winter when it’s gloomy this is perfect. You can get this at Sleep Country for $189 – $599, depending on weight and size.

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