COVID-19 Layoff: Day Fifty-Nine & Sixty

Day Fifty-Nine

Welp the weather was amazing and I new the next couple of days were going to be shitty so I decided to take Drax on a mini adventure. The quarantine has been hard on him too so our adventure included a car ride, Drax had his head out the window the whole time enjoying the breeze. Once we got to my Mum’s place he gave her a shit ton of kisses then we parked and went on our walk around the block. Surprisingly it was very hot in the morning even though at the time it was overcast. Drax definietly was hot but don’t worry I had two water bottles for him and the wind in his hair on the way home helped cool him down.

The rest of the day after that was pretty much a write off, I didn’t do much besides watch Suits. Dave came home from volunteering at his Mum’s store to finish making his slow cooker pulled pork and we ate dinner!

I was extremely tired and pretty much choose to not write the blog because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I mean I didn’t even look at my phone while laying in bed, I just charged it and passed out. Even Drax and Dave were tired! It was just one of those nights!

Day Sixty

Holy Shit I’ve been in isolation for 60 friggen days. 60 days of no work and going stir crazy!

Today however was an exciting day. The day was pretty much normal until around 5:30pm, Dave and I took Drax on his post dinner walk. There’s this park we walk in, it’s an old baseball park but they took out the diamond so it’s just an empty field with a parking lot. Welp, one second it was empty then I heard Dave say something like, “WTF is happing here.” I look over to the parking lot to see 8 cop cars with a mobile command centre. We had no idea what was going on so I looked at Twitter, ask my family to check the news and most importantly told my friend who lives across the field from me to look out her window.
For the whole evening she sat on her balcony texting me the details of what the cops were doing as she was facing the right way and she building is taller than mine so she came see everything. The cops were looking everywhere, on all streets, going into peoples backyards, looking into parked cars, garbage bins, bushes, parks, workplaces, and churches around the area. Needless to say it was our entertainment for the evening and we still have no idea what is up besides they are clearly looking for someone. Eventually Dave and I took Drax for a walk only to find there was now 15 cop cars, a couple undercover cars and the mobile command centre and a lot of cops standing in a group then spliting up to look in different areas. This went on until about 7-8pm and the cops decided to leave but they left the mobile command centre so I’m assuming tomorrow they’ll be looking again!

That was the highlight of my day, it’s pretty creepy but interesting at the same time. I’ll keep you updated tomorrow if I see anything else or figure out what’s going on!

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