Blue Jays Game

First off when I went to the game they had a 11 game winning streak! I mean they were on a roll, it was friggen sweet. Now everyone that knows me knows that I am a big Jays fan, I mean I’m playing MLB online and I just got the rogers centre! Yes, I am that sad. Anyways so we get there and it was suppose to rain. We went two hours early because they were giving away free beach towel and I wanted one. 

We walked around and got food to waste time. When were first got there the dome was only half open, which means we were covered from the cloudy-ness. By the time it was one hour to the game it was open fully and it got extremely hot. They humidity was 83% and it felt like 40 degrees outside. I sadly got extremely burnt on my legs but the Jays won and I got a towel. A good time was had by all! My jersey is now gross and needs to be washed badly! 




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