Ocean Air, Salty Hair

The Beach. 

Now I didn’t get anywhere far, I live in Toronto so I just went to Wasaga Beach. It was pretty hot that day but I didn’t get burnt like I normally do. I went with my family but then I went to another beach a couple days later with my boyfriend – that day is when my ass got burnt. 

Anyways, it was summer fun! We were there for about 6 hours, we woke up nice and early and beat the rush so we could find a good spot. My sister and I went out pretty far, far enough that we actually had to swim. (If you never been to Wasaga Beach there’s so many sand bars that you can walk for miles!) 



There isn’t much to say about a beach, you all know what goes on at a beach! Anyways, hope everyone is having a great summer and I will be back with my next post soon!

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