Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!

YES, I’m back!

I’ve been pretty much MIA for the whole summer but that’s been because I’ve been crazy busy. I’ve had work, baseball, boyfriend and trying to complete this list.

Unfortunately summer is over September 22nd and that is this Sunday coming up so I will most definitely not be completing the list. The good part is I’m changing the blog to just how I see my life and I will be making list throughout the whole thing, I already have my Fall list prepared but that will be post when fall starts.

I did however complete one more task to my summer list. This one was pretty much one of the fun things that I’ve done. It seems childish but it was actually a blast! I went to the Toronto Zoo!


We saw so many animals but there was some let downs. I went with my sister and my boyfriend, the day started off bad since my boyfriend decided he was going to sleep in! He woke up though and we were off. I wanted to see the pandas the most since they were new. We saw literally everything, one of the best parts was all the reptiles! My boyfriend is obsessed with reptiles and he has a couple of his own. We even saw one of his kinds of frogs there.


There was a couple of times that were pretty funny. There was thing canoe thing, so my sister said that we were going to take a picture in it. She sat down and fit perfectly, I tried to sit down but my ass wouldn’t fit, so I was squatting over it laughing my ass off in the picture.


Another moment that was pretty funny was the zoo sets up everything by where the animals are from. So of course there was a Canadian one, the only problem was that it was so fucking far away and it was down the biggest hill of my life! So we walked down it and saw raccoons which was cool since you never really see them and when you do it’s in the dark and they run away. These raccoons were so bloody fat, they were the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and they just stare at you.


The next animal down this hill was a bear, the bear was boring and he pissed on himself. It was honestly gross. We decided to say fuck the Canadian exhibit and walked back up this hill and saw the rest of the zoo. The next thing that was the highlight of the zoo was the ending, there was a bear claw stand. I didn’t know what a bear claw was and my sister has never had one so we got one each. I shared with my boyfriend and my sister ate her own. This thing was absolutely amazing, in fact it was so good I took a picture of it. Mine was an Oero bear claw.


All in all it was a good day and it took me back to my childhood!

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