22 year old High School Student

It is sad but true, I am a 22 year old chick who is still trying to finish high school. The story is that I was in a normal high school and hated it, the teachers were always on my case, I got kicked out of class for no reason, I get bored so easily and I hated the teens who went to school with me. All this could of been because I was really young but whatever, so I never finished my normal highschool but I got pretty far in it. I only needed one more credit so my normal school wouldn’t let me come back just to finish that one credit. They told me that if I wanted to stay in this school I had to take 3 courses. Obviously I didn’t want to do that because I only needed one and the others would be a waste of my time, so they sent me to a special school. 

Peel Alternative is what the school is called. I fucking hated this school as well; first of all, it was on the other side of the city so I had to bus my ass all the way over there and that took forever. Second of all I only had to be there for two hours, so I spent maybe an hour on a bus there and back just to stay at this school for two hours. Third of all, the school was in the damn ghetto! I swear I would get raped if I was left there alone. Eventually I just stopped going to that school as well. 

Finally, around last year Christmas my friend told me about a school that was in Toronto that I didn’t have to travel to and they would mail me the work. I was all for it so I signed up, I actually finished all the work and now all I have left is to write the exam. The only problem is I can’t get a hold of the guy that I’m suppose to write it with. My deadline was Friday that just passed so I sent an email to my school saying WHAT THE FUCK is going on?! They haven’t gotten back to me so I’m going to call this guy all day tomorrow so I can finally write it. 

All I want to do is finally complete this thing so I won’t be such a big failure but this guy is making it impossible. I need to do something with my life but I am at a stop with it here…

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