Fall 2013 List

I realize that it isn’t September 22nd yet but boredom has gotten the best of me.

Here is my fall 2013 list!

  • Nuit Blanche – COMPLETED
  • Drive In
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
  • Graduate High School
  • Get my G2
  • Sushi Date – COMPLETED
  • Tattoo
  • Shooting Range
  • Up Close Jay’s Game – N/A due to the season being over.
  • Fear Fest (Halloween Haunt)
  • Ajax Reptile Expo
  • Hockey Hall of Fame

Now some of these things probably won’t happen because things are coming to an end (Jay’s season) and money is pretty tight right now. The most important things that will probably happen are graduating high school, Nuit Blanche, the aquarium and possibly my G2.

If anything else comes into mind I will add it or I will just randomly write about it. I am excited about this one since fall and winter are my favourite seasons out of them all.

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