I’m the luckiest Girl

SCHOOL UPDATED! I called the school today because the examiner STILL hasn’t picked up. So when I called the school she was kind of rude, I told her the situation about how he won’t pick up his phone and that is just goes straight to voice mail. She asked me his name and I said yea, apparently he’s away with family problems and he should be back this week. I asked when because my due dead is coming up soon and I don’t want to start all over again! She then got rude, cut me off and asked me my student number and said that he will call me. I literally have maybe three weeks left and I haven’t even booked this test, and if I fail it I won’t have enough time to rewrite it. I really don’t want to start all over and I will be incredibly pissed, I am going to be the most annoying person ever and keep calling him until he answers and I write this test. 


I am the luckiest girl of life right now and I have been since January. If you don’t like boyfriend talks then just fuck off at this moment because I am going to talk about him. I once had a really shitty boyfriend awhile back, he wouldn’t commit to me for 2 years but we were together. The last year he finally committed but it only lasted a couple of months but even after that we were supposedly still together. He was honestly the worst person ever, he would make everything somehow be my fault even when it wasn’t, I always had to be around when he wanted me to be so I couldn’t make plans with my friends just in case he wanted me to come over. I wasn’t allowed to message him if he was out with friends and sometimes he wouldn’t answer me on purpose even if I actually had a question the needed to be answered. At the end he broke up with me and I wanted him back, only for me to find out he had already had another girl who was like 7 years younger then him. He told me she was better and everything. Of course I was heart broken but there was this guy at my work that was fun to be around and actually cared. I started talking to him and hanging out. Now we are dating. He is honestly the best person in my life in a really long time. He is such a cheese ball, caring, and sensitive. He is the craziest person I’ve ever met, he will honestly do anything which is one of the great things about him. I honestly can’t explain how lucky I am to have him. The best part about him is that he’s not scared to show he is scared of losing me. We’ve both been hurt and we hate that feeling, we told each other we would take it slow, which we did and now dating for 3 months ; we were taking it slow for 7 months.

I am the happiest one person could be and no one can ruin it. He is the best<3  

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