50 Things you didn’t know about me.

Boredom has got the best of me therefore I have decided to tell a little bit about myself.

1. My first name was suppose to be Jessica but my Dad told my Mum he would call me Jessie – Jessica is now my middle name.
2. I am terrified of moths and butterflies.
3. I HATE coffee and tea.
4. I only call my mother Mum, never Mom.
5. I have yet to get my G2 and I’m 22 years old.
6. I’m suppose to wear glasses but I never do.
7. I’ve been the same height since middle school.
8. At the age of 7 I was suppose to be a competitive gymnast but I quit before I could.
9. I quit gymnastics to play baseball even though I had no idea how to play let alone know how to throw a ball.
10. I’ve now played competitive baseball for 14 years and counting.
11. I’m a Deck Supervisor, Swimming Instructor and Lifeguard.
12. I’ve lived on the same street my whole life but in two different houses.
13. I can’t cook for shit.
14. I love horror movies.
15. I punched a boy in kindergarten for kissing me.
16. ¬†Everything affects me ten times more then it should… so drugs can be fun OR scary.
17. I can’t keep my room clean even after I’ve just cleaned it.
18. I’m awful at math.
19. My first piercing wasn’t my ears, it was my nipple.
20. I have 6 piercings, I use to have 8.
21. …I had my hips pierced but they regretted.
22. My favourite colour is purple.
23. I’m obsessed with ducks.
24. I actually love to read.
25. I’m a really quiet person unless I’m close to you.
26. I’m obsessed with 9/11 and Titantic.
27. I’m obsessed with the Blue Jays.
28. I’m starting to love reptiles.
29. I hate beeping noises.
30. I think drinking juice out of a coffee mug is the best way to drink it.
31. I have extremely unusual hiccups. I’ve been told I sound like a cat meowing, a seagull, and a peacock.
32. I’m dying to get a tattoo.
33. I love wearing ball caps.
34. I don’t understand football.
35. I’m attempting to graduate high school.
36. . . . I’ve been to 3 different high schools.
37. I love anything mini.
38. I only like chocolate when it’s that time of the month.
39. I use to go to the same bar every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with my best friend.
40. I absolutely hate feet.
41. I love anything Under Armour.
42. I can skate, I just don’t know how to stop.
43. I started my Christmas list in July.
44. I’m really bad with money.
45. I love taking pictures.
46. I don’t have a favourite band/artist I like.
47. My favourite movie is either Into The WIld or Zero Dark Thirty.
48. I read No Easy Day in a couple of hours.
49. If you mean something to me I will save anything I did with you. Movie stubs, maps of someone we went together, text message conversation, etc.
50. I don’t like watching TV.

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