The 2017 List

1. Get G

2. Shooting Range

3. Get a full-time job

4. Travel Somewhere

5. Indoor Trampoline

6. Buy a car.

7. Buy a house.

8. Tree Top Trekking

9. Hiking

10. Emerald Lake

11. Rock Wood Conservation Area

12. Drive In

13. Nuit Blanche

14. Fishing

15. Wonderland Water Park

16. Buskersfest.

17. Wasaga Beach.

18. Paddle Boarding.

19. Jungle Cat World.

20. Leaf Nation Fan Fest.

21. Nutella Cafe Toronto.

22. CN Tower Restaurant.

23. Rogers Centre Tours.

24. Esther the Wonder Pig Farm Sanctuary

25. NHL Centennial Classic at BMO

26. Bubble Soccer

27. Graduate AIT

28. Visit GIANT rubber duck

29. Kingston Penn

30. Wet N Wild Water park 

31. Elora Gorge

32. Lady Gaga Concert

Got My G2 – Finally!

For me getting my G2 was a struggle, most things that involve test makes me nervous and therefore I do terrible.

I started out with driving school back in August 2015! It was great, finished the class and got a kick ass grade. I was told in two weeks I should get a call from a driving instructor and I should start my lessons, well, I didn’t start my lessons until March 2016. By Mid April I was ready for my first test, or so I thought!

All said and done I failed because I went 50 km/h in a school zone (which you should be driving 40km/h) that to them is an automatic fail. My Uncle, being the amazing man he is told me he would take me out to practice for my next test; we went out twice a week if we both could make it and it paid off; I’m a killer parallel parker now! By Mid May it was time for my second test, at this point I’m thinking, “Okay I got this! I will pass!” Sure enough I do a rolling stop at a red light trying to turn right – once again to them that’s a automatic fail. When I told people this they thought they were crazy, usually that’s a warning and they still pass you. So once again, my awesome Uncle told me he will take me out driving but this time we were using his car for the test and he was coming with me. Sure enough Mid June comes and I pass the test! I was so happy I was almost dancing in the Drive Test centre!

Now my next challenge is to get my G but focusing on school first! Another one bites the dust! Check out my 2016 List at

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Esther the Wonder Pig

If you don’t know who Esther the Wonder Pig is you’re missing out! Long story short, Steve Jenkins and his partner Derek Walter got a mini pig that turned out to be a full size commercial pig and kept it.

Their Instagram and Facebook page is a hit with posting daily pictures of this wonderful pigs life. They recently wrote a book – which I read in a day – and did book signings for it. Now I’ve been busy lately and had no idea this book signing was happening near me, thankfully my boyfriend told me about it. Once again my sister and I made a day of it ending off the day with the signing. We went to the Chapters in Brampton, sat down and waiting for Esther’s parents to come on stage.

They did a Q and A then signed all the books, they’re actually extremely nice gentlemen and care about the animal world. I was actually so happy to meet them!

If you want to learn more about Esther and her family you can look them up on Instagram and Facebook or check out their website at

These great men made a sanctuary for animals like Esther, you can donate to help them out, volunteer on the farm or just go for a tour, more information is at their website at

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Sweet Jesus

On Facebook Toronto has a blog that post stuff you can do around the city, well this coffee/ice cream shop kept showing up. A couple of weeks ago I had to go to the big bad city so I asked my sister to come along and make a day of it, needless to say this was the highlight!

It’s not that far from Union Station, about a 20 min walk or you can subway/street car. It’s hidden in between two restaurants so you would have to look for their logo, lucky I was Instagram obsessed and noticed it right away. While you wait in line they give you a menu and you decide, once you’re in you order and wait for the yummy goodness!

You can visit their website at or search them on Instagram!

Check out the 2016 List at

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Battle Archery

Well hello! It’s been awhile since we’ve written about something off my 2016 list! I’ve done a couple of things and you will find out all throughout this week! I’m going to catch you up!

First we did Battle Archery! I’m sure many of you have saw some sort of ad on Facebook about Battle Archery, I know I sure have and I’m glad we did! For those of you who don’t know Battle Archery is pretty much like dodge ball but with a bow n arrow. The arrows have foam on the tips so it doesn’t hurt when it hits you. This is the most simple thing ever and it’s so much fun!

You get split into two teams (the more the better) and go crazy on each other. The first time I went I got my boyfriend square in the stomach, I was very happy since that was my goal for the night!

If you live in the GTA you can check them out at if not I’m sorry but check the world wide web to see if there’s one near you!


Check out the 2016 List

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Toronto Maple Leaf Game!

For my boyfriend’s birthday I got him Toronto Maple Leaf tickets because he is a huge fan! I got them off StubHub, which is a ripoff in my opinion but that’s another story, we were in the purple seats but they were great. You could see everything without missing the ice because that happens in the Air Canada Centre in some spots but it was great! There’s not much to say about the game besides they lost but I had a great time!

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Axe Throwing!

This past weekend was my boyfriend’s birthday which he decided he wanted to go Axe Throwing to celebrate! We decided to go to STRYKE Target Range in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. He booked online at their website to pick the date and time which then I believe they call you to see which three items you want to do. My boyfriend choose axe throwing, archery and automatic air guns; the fourth one you could pick is knife throwing.

When we got there you go to one of the iPads that are on a stand and start the wavier process, it doesn’t take that long and it’s pretty simple. After you sign the waiver you go to the desk, get a wrist band and pay for it. Once everyone in your group has done that (and got ice for your beer) they take you to the lanes where you start having an adventure!

We started with axe throwing, there’s a coach with you the whole time which tells you how to do each item. With the axe throwing you practice for about 40 mins then you have a mini tournament with your group.

The next we moved into archery, this one was hard for me for some reason but it was still fun. You start off by the coach teaching you what to do, then you go in waves on practicing/your tournament. Once you shoot all your arrows and everyone else has you walk to the target and add up the points from your three best arrows. You wait for the next group to go and your back up.

After we’ve done all that we moved onto the guns, I completely sucked at this one but it was still fun in the end. It’s confusing to explain but one person shoots, another stands beside you to count your points and the coach counts how many rounds you’ve fired, you get 15 rounds. You keep going around until the end pretty much.

At the end you do a photo shoot with all the weapons you used then you get your scores added up to see who wins! I won first place at axe throwing and came tied for third over-all.

Of course you can take pictures and videos but my laptop is being wonky right now! Once I get the video uploaded I will add it to this post!

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The 2016 List

Hello my loves, that’s right 2016 has started and it’s off to a good start! As I do every year I make a list of all the fun things I want to complete in the year, some are goals and some are random but it’s all fun.

    1. Get G2.
    2. Shooting range.
    3. Get a full-time job. – N/A until 2017
    4. Understand football (the basics).
    5. Learn to cook.
    6. Go to Toronto Maple Leaf game.
    7. Camping.
    8. Travel somewhere.
    9. Indoor Trampoline.
    10. Toronto Raptors Game – N/A until 2017
    11. Own a Car. – N/A until 2017
    12. Buy a house. – N/A until 2017/2018
    13. Tree Top Trekking.
    14. Hiking.
    15. Go Karting.
    16. Emerald Lake.
    17. Rockwood Conservation Area (Lake).
    18. Axe Throwing.
    19. Wonderland Water Park.
    20. Drive In.
    21. Fan Expo.
    22. Nuit Blanche.
    23. Fishing.
    24. Hockey Hall of Fame.
    25. Buskersfest.
    26. Wasaga Beach.
    27. Paddle Boarding.
    28. Jungle Cat World.
    29. Leaf Nation Fan Fest.
    30. Nutella Cafe Toronto.
    31. Pursuit OCR Indoor Obstacle Course.
    32. Sweet Jesus.
    33. CN Tower Restaurant.
    34. Battle Archery.
    35. Rogers Centre Tours.
    36. Esther the Wonder Pig Farm Sanctuary.

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Received High School Diploma

I started high school back in 2005, and throughout the rest of the school years I pretty much had a hard time or just didn’t put the effort in.

My friend told me about this school in Toronto, Independent Learning Centre, it is a school that allows you to finish the high school courses you still need while still being able to work. In December 2012 I registered for the remaining credit I needed and in October 2013 I finished the course and the exam.

From October to now I never bothered to send in my transcripts to get my diploma, until now. I decided to get my transcripts, send them in and got approved.

Last night I got an email saying I have officially graduated and my diploma will be at my house in 4-6 weeks! I am very happy about this and I think my parents are too. I will make a short post saying when it has arrived and maybe with a picture!

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